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Crossing The Street Isn’t Always Easy

He clearly was among the many homeless wandering the streets of Pomona, California.  Instead of the proverbial shopping cart he tried to pull a broken down, dirty, clothes and other possessions bulging through the seams wheeled suitcase.  One wheel was missing.  When the light changed he tried to hurry but the suitcase wouldn’t let him.  He pulled and tugged.  He looked at me waiting to make my right turn.   I saw only fear on his face and wondered what it was that he feared.  Could it be that I would become impatient and honk my horn or curse or even run him over?  I smiled at him and tried to motion that I wasn’t in that much of a hurry.  After all, I was only going to work.  He stared at me a moment and then resumed his struggle with the suitcase. Finally he got across the street and I made my right turn.  I looked in my rear view mirror.  On the other side of the street, he stood staring in my direction. I wondered if my moment of kindness had made a difference in his day. I hope it did.

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