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There’s Gotta Be A Better Way By Mary Walker Baron

One of the quickest ways to spend and lose money is by paying someone to tell you what to write and how to write it. Okay, I get it that we need to learn how to write but beyond that it’s okay to figure it out on your own.  You can either write or you can’t. That’s the harsh bottom line. Take it from me, though. There are a lot of people wanting to make money off of your desire to ‘make it big’ as a writer.

Remember my interest in ghostwriting?  Come to find out the same people trying to entice me to pay them to help me learn to write are also trying to get me to pay them to find me ghost writing jobs.

This is a be on the alert notice to me and to you.  Sign nothing and agree to nothing until you are certain you want to spend money on the outcome.  That’s something I learned a long time ago.  So many people want to make a buck at our expense.  Don’t fall for it unless you determine that it’s a legitimate enterprise.

Here’s the secret to success. First of all, what does success mean to you? Define your terms. Otherwise you might already have it. Next step is to work hard and never give up. There’s no such thing as an age limit on writing. As long as you have something to say you can write it. And last of all don’t take any offers to pay for quick success.

That’s it.

Oh, and also, never give up.

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