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We All Have A Reset Button

By Mary Walker Baron

We set goals for ourselves.  I will finish this article by Friday or I will finish writing my book in three months. All too often we don’t reach those goals. When that happens, we may feel frustrated or angry. We may even say things like, “I’m done with writing.”

Never should we ‘be done with writing’. Writing is the thing that nourishes us and gives us purpose.

We all have a reset button which we can push at any time.  Some days may seem really tough. We can push that reset button and start the day all over.  That’s a powerful button to possess.  The challenge is giving ourselves permission to use it.  It isn’t always easy to start over.  That’s why we have those reset buttons.

Let’s start using the tools already in our possessions.  It’s okay and sometimes essential to say that I’m just going to start this page or this chapter over.

What it’s not ever okay to say is that I’m done with writing.

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